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 Independent Scientology that is unaltered from the original works of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the founder and researcher of original Dianetics and Scientology technology. No edits, no additives, and no arbitraries added by anyone. Once again we are delivering the original real deal, after decades of runaway organizations, changes to the technology and exorbitantly high prices.


Our Courses

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Why Training?

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lecture: "Training and OT"

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lecture: "Summary of Study"

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lecture: "Evaluation of Information"

Course Supervision and Scheduling

Our globally available (pre-Golden Age of Tech) FLAG trained course supervisors are experts in their field, ensuring that your course checkout runs like clockwork no matter your time zone. You can rest easy knowing that all checkouts and student sessions in our online Course room are pre-scheduled, with SMS text updates to keep you on track. Trust us to deliver a top-class learning experience.

Student to Student

Join our Student Union and experience the confidence that comes with connecting to a supportive and welcoming community of Independent Scientologists who understand and celebrate your journey. Share your milestones, exchange videos, and develop new friendships with like-minded individuals. Our platform provides a refreshing and positive environment, free from the negative influences found on other social media platforms. Come see what makes us stand out.

Peer to Peer Learning

Our students are confident global learners, effortlessly connecting with peers of all ages and continents through state-of-the-art distance learning via Zoom video meetings, our Apple and Android Smartphone apps, with instant messaging, and many more in-app features. All courses are supervised via secure Zoom and Vimeo video services for course checksheet videos, with redundantly backed up services to prevent any downtime. Your studies are always within reach, just a click or tap away on your device or in the cloud.

All the Materials, in One Place

You have complete control over your learning experience with our meticulously curated course materials, conveniently located in one place - your online course checksheet, in PDF format. The checksheet contains everything you'll need, including dictionaries, glossaries, videos, charts, diagrams, lectures, transcripts, and practical drills. Every reference, lecture, transcript, definition and more are triple verified to ensure you understand Ron's original intent in what you're studying. Plus, we add new "on source" video and podcast content regularly to address user-specific needs.


“I started this course thinking I knew how to study, boy was I wrong. It hadn’t occurred to me that I knew absolutely nothing there was to know about it. As I went further and further into the depths of the course I came across a few realizations, I am now able to read something and go “okay what’s this word mean?” To me, that’s a considerable leap forward from when I started this course.

I want to thank my supervisor, Jonathan Burke for not going too easy on me, and for taking the time to help me whenever I needed it. Honestly, the vast majority of demos, clay demos, practicals especially, really helped me put the study to good use. I especially loved doing the clay demos as it helped add mass to the significance of it all. I loved this course in the end, it’s helped me get a better understanding of what it means to look at the bigger picture of something, words for example, they can mean a whole lot more than you’d expect when you look them up and clear them.

To sum this up, as it’s getting a little long now, I really enjoyed Student Hat, it’s made me more aware of certain things that I can really use to get better at a lot in life. Thank you to all who have helped and encouraged me to keep going, in the end, I’d say it was well worth it.

Thank you!”



“I first studied Dianetics many years ago as a student in London and often used the Book One processes with success as a Volunteer Minister. In fact, these therapeutic sessions were so helpful I would eventually take them out into local church outreach and rehab facilities. Here they provided a workable and effective treatment springboard for seemingly hopeless addicts, or alcoholics, who would frequent these last chance drop-in centres. One to one processing really was a game changer. Traumatic emotional charge of years standing could be erased. With the Original Dianetics Auditor Course we are given a welcome refresher into the simplicity of the source materials and we are able to examine carefully curated evidence of L Ron Hubbard’s pioneering research in this field. Truthfully, anyone can practice Dianetics and this course will show you how.”



Thanks to the Basic Study course I’ve become more confident in my learning. When learning new things I approach it with excitement instead of anxiety. I go into it knowing I can understand and apply what i’m learning. This has re-ignited me to pursue my goals and not shy away from learning new things to get to where I want to be.

‌This course has also helped me get into a management position at my job by me learning new things and just making me more competent overall. Everyone should take this course to enhance their ability to learn and understand life better.

– EF

Success Stories


“I have gained new insight into communication in general because of the How to Communicate Better in Life Course. Not enough (actually very little) is taught about the basics of communication in our society or educational system. A course like this should be a part of any education, and would benefit society a great deal.”



“OMG. The Data Evaluators Course is MIND BLOWING. It started off rough, particularly because I had MUs that I thought I knew, but man, once you get into it and apply it, just… I mean LRH was really undervalued at times and even worse today. He was an absolute genius. If you’re thinking about taking this course with me, please know that you need the CORRECT study tech under your belt as it has a lot of word clearing, demos, and drills, and you also need to establish firmly WHY you want to take this course so you don’t lose purpose if you do have MUs you’ve gone over. Absolutely incredible course and more indies need it! – JK

2 – I had a big win today, I’m still trying to make sense of it all. I can’t post the Clear cog, but what I will say is that I had a limited view on being a Clear – kind of like knowing about cupcakes but not knowing about all of the flavours… Today we did some unrelated false data stripping and some service fac stuff, and it blew charge in places I didn’t know existed  ‌
‌It’s really incredible when you use the tech to solve a problem and you end up solving more than just it. I feel amazing, and I’m ready to take on the world! Thank you to my fiancé and auditor, Jonathan Burke. You’re incredible.”



“It’s sad to acknowledge that suppression is real as outlined in the course, and I realize I have had suppressive friends in the past.  Knowing about suppression puts me at cause to handle it.” – HG

“Great course, very informative and I feel like I better understand SP’s and how to handle them!”  – A

“My life really has been defined by a series of ups and downs. I’d make some changes to try to improve my conditions but I’d always end up back in it. It seemed that nothing I did mattered. This course, however, showed me that one consistent factor through all of this was suppression. A series of people in my life are SPs. I now have the tools to not only identify them; but also to handle them.

Thank you AOGP and thank you LRH!”



“The English often talk about the weather, the Japanese sometimes offer a quick bow of the head and maybe an American will greet you with a hearty “Howdy!” – we all communicate differently. However, for any communication to be successful or not will depend upon certain processes. This course outlines how to give and receive communication. It examines all the basic steps required, such as in-flows, out-flows, lines and cycles of communication and looks at the journey they take between terminals. From basic to advanced, if these simple rules are followed correctly, you will be able to communicate better in life.”

– DS


I really enjoyed doing the Class IX Course in a new unit of time with a standard checksheet in the AOGP academy. The tech contained on this course is both extensive and powerful. There is a lot to it with many points to apply while auditing the procedures. I appreciate having had the experience and know-how of Jonathan available as my supervisor while training on the material here.

I have a better understanding of the rundown as a result. It’s great to have done this course with a checksheet and I’m looking forward to delivering more NOTs in the future. It is an important step on the Bridge and it is important to do it right. The gains from this level are truly miraculous. Thanks to AOGP and LRH.

– JN

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start?

You should start by taking a Personality Test first so we can know if you are under any suppression. We do this first because people who are being suppressed experience shifts in their moods, actions, and thinking so even if you were getting results from one of our courses, they wouldn’t last. You can take the Personality Test here. After you take your personality test, you’ll be contacted within 48 hours with your results (usually it’s within 24 hours), where you’ll be advised on how to proceed.

What things do I need to study Scientology?

On all courses there’s a list of items you’ll need to study Scientology, however, don’t let this overwhelm you. These items are basic items that you might already have. 

Are you guys part of the Church of Scientology?

No, we are an independent organization that believes one should be able to study Scientology affordably and in the standard, correct way.

Is this online academy what Scientology is all about?

In Scientology, there’s training and auditing. This online academy delivers all the training necessary to go up the Scientology Bridge. We also have auditors ready to get you started on doing auditing, which is where the magic happens!

Do I have to do training, or auditing or both together?

It is highly recommended that you get auditing if you really want to experience all that Scientology has to offer. Training is good too but auditing is where deeper understandings of life and you are found.

I’ve heard some negative stuff about Scientology on the internet, what’s there to know about that?

As with anything new and not part of “the system,” there’s going to be some rumor flying around. The best chance you have is to see for yourself if Scientology works for you. If you have any other questions on this, you can contact us directly here.

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